Build or Buy a Custom Database Solution

Regardless of where you play, every horse player needs the right information that is both accurate and timely. With this information, the saavy statician can make decisions based on data rather than emotion. Our store provides you the option to build or buy daily, weekly or monthly databases of critical information. Prices for digital data are as low as $50 to $1,500USD. Data is delivered for use with Microsoft Excel or Access Database. CSV, XML or JSON formats can be added or if you want a custom API, we are happy to accomodate your request.


Historical Data

There are thousands of horse races ever week. Every day there is a sporting event being held somewhere in the world. What if you had the data of these events for the past 10 years available at your fingertips? By processing data statistically, you may have a means to become the next Bill Benter!


Sample Database Products and Terms

Below, please see samples of our products based on racetrack and sport. My Racing Account makes no claims and takes no responsibility with how this data is used. My Racing Account's data is presented as is; there may be omissions and errors and if they are found, My Racing Account will update the data for free or provide credit for a new data plan.